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Andras Mantia amantia at kde.org
Sat Nov 18 18:41:30 GMT 2006

On Saturday 18 November 2006 17:32, Kevin Krammer wrote:
>  Actually, since the packaging of
> big source modules is quite broken on some distros, having the
> viewers in KEG will allow a fullfeatured KDE desktop experience with
> less installation size, meaning fewer applications filling the K-menu

You forget that being in KEG instead of some of the "main" modules 
requires extra maintainance work, like tagging, branching, tarball 
creatin, synching the translations with the KDE releases, doing 
separate release announcements and so. Some people would like to avoid 
this extra work. 
 A solution would be to treat KEG as part of the standard KDE releases 
and always include the latest tagged versions of those applications in 
the releases. This would still require some synchronization with the 
translation team and with the KDE release schedule, but at least it 
saves the creation of the tarballs for each and every KEG app 
maintainer who wants to follow the KDE release schedule and the problem 
of not having those application included in the main KDE. And of course 
packages will have an easier job to pick up the "correct" version of 
KEG applications for one KDE release.

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