Okular moving

Leo Savernik l.savernik at aon.at
Sun Nov 19 20:58:13 GMT 2006

Am Samstag, 18. November 2006 16:32 schrieb Kevin Krammer:
> > A KDE-desktop without a pdf-viewer? Please get real.
> >
> > KDE *cannot* afford to drop functionality it provided in KDE 3.x times.
> > People are used to those and they will perceive it as a major defect of
> > KDE 4 if it misses out on such basic functionality.
> So you want the PDF viewers to be in kdebase? workspace maybe?

A useful basic KDE (3.x) distribution comprises of the packages kdelibs 
kdebase kdeaccessibility kdeadmin kdegraphics kdemultimedia kdenetwork kdepim 
kdeutils kdeaddons (leaving aside whether packagers split those or distribute 
them as they are).

If you consider a KDE distribution comprising of only kdelibs+kdebase, we're 
at Microsoft Windows level, functionality wise. I'd be surprised if this is 
the direction KDE 4 is heading towards.

> Anything else is a matter of package dependencies, where it doesn't matter
> which source module an application is from. Actually, since the packaging
> of big source modules is quite broken on some distros, having the viewers
> in KEG will allow a fullfeatured KDE desktop experience with less
> installation size, meaning fewer applications filling the K-menu

The really big problem with this approach is that people have to know 
beforehand which application they have to install to get feature X. Do you 
think that Joe User has any idea the he has to install an application called 
Okular before he can view pdfs? Especially as he didn't have to worry about 
this in KDE 3.x times where it was sufficient to install all kde* packages 
and not missing out anything.


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