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Krzysztof Lichota krzysiek at
Fri May 19 18:16:59 BST 2006

Stephan Kulow wrote:
>> Then I suggest re-reading the Qt documentation about threads.
>> The problem here is showing two modal dialogs from two apps into the same
>> "server app" (uiserver), and threads don't let you do that since you can't
>> do anything GUI-related in other threads than the main thread.
> You don't want two modal dialogs in a desktop anyway as they give very bad
> user experience. So queing _them_ would be fine for me, but of course it's 
> unacceptable to stall progress displays while a modal dialog is open.
> I see another problem with such "out of process" dialogs though and that is 
> dualhead. Everywhere where we use that, it's causing problems: e.g. cookie 
> dialogs appear on wrong desktop/screen.

Moreover, if some minimized window opens authentication dialog (or
cookie dialog or whatever) then other windows which want to use it
become "frozen".
I have a lot of windows open in my session and after restart I they are
opened again. I keep forgetting about that and when I open a new window,
I wait and wait for authentication dialog to appear until I remind
myself that I must have left window with dialog somewhere. Then I have
to search for this window and close the dialog.

This is very bad from usability point of view as users will think that
it is not working (until they learn from somewhere what to do in such case).

This problem can appear even in case of normal user experience (without
using FISH, HTTP auth, etc.). Some FTP/WWW sites pop up authentication
dialog if they are overloaded.

	Krzysztof Lichota

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