core/ui separation

Olivier Goffart ogoffart at
Thu May 18 11:41:06 BST 2006

Le Jeudi 18 Mai 2006 11:55, Carsten Pfeiffer a écrit :

> As a last resort, KNotify could be used for displaying errors. Or did
> KNotifyClient (or whatever it's called right now) end up in kdeui by now?

Yes, KNotification is in kdeui because it play with widget (automatically 
close the notification if a widget is focussed / automatically focus the 
widget is the notification is activated)

And error handling shouldn't go thought KNotify because it will not work on a 
console application anyway.

I'd go for exception or an ErrorHandler class that can be hooked in the 
application (or even in kdeui dirrectly)

I also help to have error displayed at the correct place (and not always 
simple application modal message box)
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