core/ui separation

Carsten Pfeiffer carpdjih at
Thu May 18 16:41:06 BST 2006

On Thursday 18 May 2006 12:41, Olivier Goffart wrote:

> Yes, KNotification is in kdeui because it play with widget (automatically
> close the notification if a widget is focussed / automatically focus the
> widget is the notification is activated)

Hmm, too bad. UI and core could be split though -- the widget handling could 
be done in the UI part, the communication with knotify could be done in the 
core part.

> And error handling shouldn't go thought KNotify because it will not work on
> a console application anyway.

KNotification should not do error handling, that's right, but notification! 
knotify could even run without a DISPLAY and still support sound output, 
stdout/stderr output and logging to files. 


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