more on CIA

Tom Albers tomalbers at
Tue May 9 10:22:07 BST 2006

Op Monday 08 May 2006 16:49, schreef Jens Herden:
> Hi,
> I found KDE on CIA and I like the option to get RSS
> feeds for the commit messages and especially for a singel developer.
> What I wonder is why the project KDE is up to date but other parts of KDE
> not. There is a project KDEWEBDEV but the last message is from 2005.
> I understand that this site works with some scripts on the SVN server, so
> my question is can we activate this again for the different modules of KDE?
> Jens


After the conversion of cvs->svn the reporting stopped.

A couple months later I adapted the script to report some basic info again. 
The module extraction is done via some regex. If a module is missing for some 
paths and you want it again, that can be added easily in the script IIRC. 
IIRC I only added some regex for the trunk paths.

I believe the old (cvs)-reporting has never been removed, so that is why the 
cia pages are a bit of a mess.


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