Fwd: Helping with KDE4 (valgrind)

David Faure faure at kde.org
Mon May 8 17:07:31 BST 2006

Hello Julian,

I am forwarding your message to kde-core-devel.

What you say about possible kwin bugs is very interesting, I'm sure the kwin developer
would love to hear more details about that :)

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Subject: Helping with KDE4
Date: Sunday 07 May 2006 14:59
From: Julian Seward <julian at valgrind.org>
To: faure at kde.org

Hi David

I've been looking at
and also thinking about our upcoming 3.2.0 release of Valgrind.

I wanted to communicate the following to the KDE4 core developers.


I'm hoping that KDE4 will be the stablest and fastest KDE yet,
so I want to help ensure that KDE developers can make effective 
use of Valgrind's debugging and profiling facilities.

Let me know if there is anything we can do from the Valgrind end to 
help with KDE4 development.  That could be fixing problems in V, 
guiding KDE developers in how to use it effectively, or whatever.
No promises - our development resources are limited - but if there 
are small ways we can help make V more effective for you, I'd be 
interested to hear.

For example, I am currently playing with running a complete KDE 
session on Valgrind -- tracing all processes from 'startkde'
onwards.  That works quite well and picks up a few remaining 
use-after-free bugs, even in the stable KDE 3.4.2 shipped with
SuSE 10.0, when doing boring things (moving windows around).
Maybe that would be of interest from a stability point of view?


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