KDE 4 Core Libraries major features

Thiago Macieira thiago at kde.org
Fri Mar 31 11:15:38 BST 2006

Cornelius Schumacher wrote:
>How are "Thiago's KDE Core Libraries" different from the rest of
> kdelibs? Do you consider the features of the rest of the kdelibs as not
> release-critical? How would we implement them then, in KDE 5?

I consider the core libraries what every program needs, which is when we 
can start working on the programs themselves, not on the libraries. Right 
now, I imagine most app authors are having a hard time keeping up with 
kdelibs alone, not to mention deciding if the bug they've found is 
because of kdelibs breakage or their own.

Of course the kdepim programs require Akonadi and of course it'll have to 
be there for KDE 4.0, but does it have to be there for the Technical 
Preview? You tell me, really. If you say "yes", then it'll be in the TP.

>I wouldn't have a problem with creating a new module kdepimlibs and put
>Akonadi and other PIM-related libraries there. But we have to come up
> with a concrete plan how we want to release this (and the rest of KDE
> 4) as soon as possible.

Agreed. Do you want to get the discussion started? :-)

And as Matt put it, we need to decide on whether KDE libraries 4.1 will be 
Binary Compatible with 4.0.

>My current assumption is that we will do it in the same way as with
> previous releases, releasing the libraries and the core modules
> together.

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