KDE 4 Core Libraries major features

Matt Rogers mattr at kde.org
Fri Mar 31 01:41:28 BST 2006

On Thursday 30 March 2006 12:17, Thiago Macieira wrote:
> Hello again fellow developers
> I have gone through the suggestions posted on the "KDE4 Development
> Critical Path" thread and collected them all here. The features are
> listed below:
> - Build System
> - Getting rid of Qt3Support
> - Phonon
> - Solid
> - D-Bus
> - KConfig backends
> - XMLGUI upgrade
> - KHTML & friends (WebKit, KDOM/KHTML2/KSVG2)
> - Akonadi
> For each one of those above, I'd like to know:
> 0) is it really a needed feature for the KDE 4 Core Libraries?
> 1) who could we list as the main contact (someone to update us on the
> progress, etc.)?
> 2) how far along is it?
> 3) how long should it take to complete?
> 4) what other features not currently done it depends on?
> If there is something more, feel free to add them to the list. These are
> the features that will need to be present in the Core Libraries for a
> future kdelibs Technical Preview release sometime later this year.
> Question #0 is there because I (personally) think that Akonadi doesn't
> belong in the list. So I ask the PIM developers to tell us all again if
> it's supposed to be there. (I'm not denying it's important, I'm
> questioning it's core libs stuff).
> Our (TWG's) hope is that the Technical Preview release marks the division
> between (before) the large-scale changes in kdelibs and slow uptake in
> applications and (after) small changes in kdelibs and applications
> progressing much faster.
> If we want to release KDE 4 this year, we need this TP to happen as soon
> as possible, so that apps can be worked on.

API stablility is not on this list. It should not be assumed. It needs to be 
listed as a core feature of the KDE 4 Core libraries. Before that can happen 
though, it would require a decision about whether to release KDE 4.1 as a 
binary incompatible thing, and that's for another thread.

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