Erik Kjær Pedersen erik at binghamton.edu
Wed Mar 15 14:36:38 GMT 2006

I read so much about removing features from konqueror at the moment that it 
makes me quite nervous. I use a lot of the features of konqueror.
I have an icon on my desktop opening konqueror split up in three parts, one 
pointing to our local database, the two others to the schedule. This way I 
can compare last years schedule (for a math dept) with next years, make 
changes in the database, and see the change in next years schedule 
I very often highlight a url, go into konqueror, click on the button to clear 
the field and copy the url in using the middle button. If I had to double 
click to get the field removed I would loose the content of the unix-buffer.
I very often click on the home button to go into a directory say, to look at 
my pictures.
Altogether I think konqueror is absolutely wonderful. It occasionally falls 
short on some website but then "open in firefox" solves the problem. 
I really do not hope that usability improvement will mean that I loose these 

(Danish translation team)

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