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Wed Mar 15 02:37:32 GMT 2006

Are there plans to make kdesvn-build compatible with cmake?


On 3/14/06, Thiago Macieira <thiago at> wrote:
> Andras Mantia wrote:
> >Was there a real decision somewhere on a public list?
> Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> >as to 'the procedure' i suppose you are referring to the procedure as to
> > how the decision was made? to be honest, i have no idea how the
> > decision was made: i skipped 99% of the build system threads because
> > they bore me to tears and i trust others have a handle on it (given the
> > length of the threads, i should hope so ;).
> I thought it was pretty clear to anyone involved in the buildsystem that
> cmake is our only option here. And, just so that it is clear: this was no
> TWG decision. It's a simple situation that stems from fact that cmake is
> being actively worked on and no other system is.
> This has been being discussed for many months now in
> kde-buildsystem at Sometime ago, we realised that scons wasn't
> going forward at the speed we wanted it to. And we had no support from
> the scons developers. And to top all that, Thomas Nagy, the developer
> working on it, suddenly found himself without the time or Internet
> connection to continue the work.
> scons support died then.
> Back in aKademy, in Málaga, we decided that we wanted something new, to
> drop autoconf + automake + unsermake + libtool + am_edit. People have
> objections to autoconf syntax; we have real issues using libtool.
> So, from the alternatives:
> 1) stay as it is
> 2) scons/bksys
> 3) cmake
> two are out.
> Is there really any doubt which system we'll use for KDE 4? Add to the
> equation that we need a buildsystem working  *real* *soon*. We can't
> develop KDE if we can't build it.
> Unless, of course, we go back on our decision from Málaga and say, "ok,
> we'll keep using autotools for KDE 4.0".
> PS: the "procedure" was the removal of Scons files and deprecation of the
> auto* ones.
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