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R.F. Pels ruurd at
Tue Mar 14 18:08:55 GMT 2006

On Tuesday 14 March 2006 18.19, Alexander Dymo wrote:

>>> If it's a matter of decisions, then let's decide: cmake or autotools?
>> No kdevelop support for cmake, then, no cmake.
> I object your objection ;) CMake is a perfect choice for KDevelop
> (I stated its pros some time ago in this list). It'd be easy to add CMake
> support, easier than scons, and by the KDE4 release date we will
> of course have it in KDevelop. New build system support is a matter
> of spending two-three weeks.

As I said in another post: I object to choosing another build system BEFORE 
proper support materializes in kdevelop. If really really necessary, I would 
be able to live with a decision to go with cmake PROVIDED that the support 
materializes on short notice. Oh. And don't forget my other point about 
parallel compilation... :-) 

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