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Sun Mar 5 04:29:13 GMT 2006

On Saturday 04 March 2006 14:12, Lubos Lunak wrote:
>   The class seems like an overkill to me,

see my reply to thiago on this.

>   I don't see any point in having 
> API that directly maps to the .desktop file. 

it doesn't actually map directly to the .desktop file but rather the concepts 
that our autostart system works with.

> What's wrong with 
>  "KAutoStart::enable( bool )" ? It does everything you need and it knows
>  everything it needs to know

no, actually, it doesn't. =)

>  (and in the hypothetical case that ksmserver 
> one day gets support for RestartAnyway it'd also allow simple switching to
> that 

this is the hope with an API mechanism for this: if app devs actually use the 
API rather than hand-hack .desktop files, and if that same API is used by 
kinit and apps then we can upgrade "in place" ... huzzah.

btw, i see that you are looking to deprecate start-after and extend the init 
phases? if so ... what are the "phases" actually? numbers don't say anything 
to me other than provide an ordinal to sort by ;)

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