modifier-only shortcuts

Andriy Rysin arysin at
Sat Jul 8 14:43:52 BST 2006

Thiago Macieira wrote:
> Andy Rysin wrote:
>> Ok, so let me to summarize this if I got it right:
>> 1. We will provide possibility for users to have modifier-only shortcuts
>> if they really want it, the question if it's for everything or just for
>> kxkb
> As many have pointed out, there are many drawbacks to modifier-only 
> shortcuts in general. I think it would be best if this kind of thing were 
> limited to standardised usability shortcuts (such as 5 x Shift, etc.). So 
> kxkb could be an exception.
yep, I thought libxklavier does it but it appears it does it through xkb 
so if we implement this it'll be so to say "Alternative" shortcut only 
for kxkb, and allowed combinations will be taken from xkb options.
>> 2 The default chosen shortcut for layout switching will be "proper"
>> not-a-modifier-only shortcut, but which is easy to press with two
>> fingers on one hand. Current two proposals: Ctrl+Menu and Alt+Shift.
>> First one is very like Alt+Shift or Ctrl+Shift often used by Win users
>> but have problem of not being present on older keyboards.
> From what I remember from, the only request is for the 
> Windows-style shortcut. I don't remember anyone ever asking for a 
> different combination.
well, that's main point - people coming from Windows so they want the 
shortcut they used to, I was thinking to provide this functionality in 
general way but it looks like it's not gonna work
>> 3. Alternative to 2 could be still modifier-only Alt+Alt (as used in
>> gnome) as this combination is not used (correct me if I am wrong) in
>> any other shortcut combination so no "accident switching will happen".
> How do you press the same key twice? Or do you mean Alt+AltGr?
yes, Alt+AltGr - GNOME default as pointed by Chusslove


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