Proposal to plan for "Milestone Releases" on the way to KDE4

Nicolas Goutte nicolasg at
Wed Jan 25 11:46:45 GMT 2006

On Wednesday 25 January 2006 10:01, Thiago Macieira wrote:
> Nicolas Goutte wrote:
> >But you cannot fraction KDE modules and releases what pleases you. such
> > files would en up in a RPM or DEB file and you cannot have a same file
> > in a few RPM files. (We had long ago such problems with KOffice
> > translations that were in KDE too.)

(I forgot also to tell that such a KDE patchwork would be a nightmare to 

> Yes, we can. We can do whatever we want. We have a few applications in the
> main KDE modules that produce external releases as well (Kopete comes to
> mind).
> If the distributors can't or won't package, it's their problem. Monolithic
> packages are a thing of the past for our main audience anyways.

There is quite a difference between replacing one application (where perhaps a 
distribution can create a KDE package without it to allow this extra release) 
and replacing a random number of random applications, where nearly all KDE 
modules would need to be tweaked.

Also what makes one assume that the way in which each distibutor has split KDE 
would be compatible to the way KDE would pick each application.


Have a nice day!

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