Replacement for KDockWidget?

Matt Rogers mattr at
Sat Jan 21 13:49:19 GMT 2006

On Saturday 21 January 2006 03:13, Andreas Zehender wrote:
> Hi,
> I started to port KPovModeler two weeks ago. Well, it compiles and runs,
> but porting my copy of KDockWidget was a real pain and I am really
> unsure if I merged in all necessary changes from the KDockWidget class
> in kde3support.
> Is there a replacement or alternative for KDockWidget in kde4? I don't
> want to base my gui on a class that is almost impossible to maintain
> (because I don't understand it in most parts *g*) and will not be
> available in later versions of kde.
> The reason for my clone is that KDockWidget didn't contain the KPart
> main widget methods and wasn't extendable enough at the time I started
> to use this class in KPovModeler. The main reason was that KPovModeler
> doesn't have a main window with dock widgets placed around it, the gui
> is only a patch of dock widgets. With the default docking behavior with
> 3-4 docking actions the gui was unrecoverably cluttered in most cases.
> Therefore the layout is limited to any number of columns with any number
> of widgets arranged vertically.

As of yet there's not a straight one-to-one replacement. I suggest using 
QDockWidget and extending that.
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