Replacement for KDockWidget?

Andreas Zehender zehender at
Sat Jan 21 09:13:43 GMT 2006


I started to port KPovModeler two weeks ago. Well, it compiles and runs, 
but porting my copy of KDockWidget was a real pain and I am really 
unsure if I merged in all necessary changes from the KDockWidget class 
in kde3support.

Is there a replacement or alternative for KDockWidget in kde4? I don't 
want to base my gui on a class that is almost impossible to maintain 
(because I don't understand it in most parts *g*) and will not be 
available in later versions of kde.

The reason for my clone is that KDockWidget didn't contain the KPart 
main widget methods and wasn't extendable enough at the time I started 
to use this class in KPovModeler. The main reason was that KPovModeler 
doesn't have a main window with dock widgets placed around it, the gui 
is only a patch of dock widgets. With the default docking behavior with 
3-4 docking actions the gui was unrecoverably cluttered in most cases. 
Therefore the layout is limited to any number of columns with any number 
of widgets arranged vertically.


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