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On Sunday 01 January 2006 12:47, Benjamin Meyer wrote:
> On Sunday 01 January 2006 4:24 pm, Till Adam wrote:
> What is wrong with using the theme to determine that?

every theme then needs to implement it and hopefully provide a common means to 
configure it in a sane fashion. contrast this to the previous "implemented in 
one place" approach. i'm sure that some styles will simply not implement this 
hint "properly".

would be nice if this were something that could be set in a qsettings entry 
which was read in as a default on style creation. but that would likely mean 
making QStyle::styleHint non-pure-virtual. =/ 

we could make a KStyle class that does this and have all of our styles use 
that, but this does not cover style authors who want a style that doesn't 
rely on KDE.

> > and since there is also
> > 2) and 3), I guess these classes will have to keep existing.
> > So the natural choice is to use QListWidget as their new base class, and
> > port them to that.
> What about QTreeView, QTreeWidget, QTableView, QTableWidget, and QListView?
> Many developers will want to pass a model to the view and not have to
> populate it via a widget api.  I really really do not what to make a kde
> version of each one of these qt classes.  And what about people who write
> new views based upon QAbstractItemView?  Will we have a KAbstractItemView
> too? If these really are fundamental problem or missing feature with Qt's
> view's that every application should have it be brought up to the trolls to
> get in 4.2.


and on that topic, hopefully QTreeWidget will be made to be non-slow in 4.2 
too. try adding 100,000 items to a QTreeWidget and watch how adding slows to 
a crawl =/

> I am not sure what you are referring to with number 2  looking at the
> klistbox. klistview and kiconview docs I don't see any mention of a timer
> or hover.

kiconview supports "select on hover"; konqi provides it as an option for 
instance. i don't know how important that is for accessibility?

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