QTreeWidget speed, was Re: KListBox/KIconView/KListView

Benjamin Meyer ben at meyerhome.net
Wed Jan 4 23:13:58 GMT 2006

> and on that topic, hopefully QTreeWidget will be made to be non-slow in 4.2
> too. try adding 100,000 items to a QTreeWidget and watch how adding slows
> to a crawl =/

For those who haven't seen it, one problem I saw was that as you added one row 
at a time (vs one big block insertRows(0,10000) ) it was taking longer and 
longer, adding 100 rows to 100 was taking 200ms, 100 to 10,000 was taking 
8000ms. etc"  Adding 10,000 rows could take a number of seconds.  Not good

But do not fear!  I have profiled and improved (dramatically in some places) a 
number of spots in itemviews, in particular when data changes and when new 
items are added to tree view and tree widget.

Adding 100 rows now takes about 5ms be it to 100 or 100,000 :)  The fixes will 
be in 4.1.1.

Course when you have 100,000 items you probably want to have your own model.  
Models are cool*.

-Benjamin Meyer

*delegates are there own class of cool because they facilitate eye-candy.

aka icefox
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