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Sun Jan 1 19:47:36 GMT 2006

On Sunday 01 January 2006 4:24 pm, Till Adam wrote:
> Today I looked into porting KListBox, since I need it for KLineEdit, where
> it's used for the completion box, which I need for KInputDialog, which was
> the thing I initially wanted to port. As far as I can see the raison d'etre
> for KListBox, KIconView and to an extend also KListView is treefold:
> 1) support for honoring the system settings for single/double click
> selection of items
> 2) support for timer based auto-selection on hover
> 3) mouse cursor change over items.
> 1) is supposed to be addressed by Qt, in 4.1, but it turns out that it
> honors the system setting by asking the QStyle for a hint, which means the
> responsibility it transfered to the style authors. While we could decide to
> rely on that, it might make sense to continue explicit support for our own
> kconfig based switch directly for the time being,

What is wrong with using the theme to determine that?

> and since there is also 
> 2) and 3), I guess these classes will have to keep existing.
> So the natural choice is to use QListWidget as their new base class, and
> port them to that. 

What about QTreeView, QTreeWidget, QTableView, QTableWidget, and QListView?  
Many developers will want to pass a model to the view and not have to 
populate it via a widget api.  I really really do not what to make a kde 
version of each one of these qt classes.  And what about people who write new 
views based upon QAbstractItemView?  Will we have a KAbstractItemView too?  
If these really are fundamental problem or missing feature with Qt's view's 
that every application should have it be brought up to the trolls to get in 

I took a brief look at the kde3 views before 4.1 was released and after 
finding the theme check concluded that it was a good solution.

I am not sure what you are referring to with number 2  looking at the 
klistbox. klistview and kiconview docs I don't see any mention of a timer or 

#3 I think could be easily added to qt's views.

> A few issues I'd like some input on, though:
> - If we change the name anyhow, would it be easier to leave the old classes
> as is, put them into kdesupport and write a new one implementing the
> features mentionend above in it? People will have to port heavily anyhow,
> since the QListWidget interface is substantially different from
> Q3ListBox/Q3IconView, so we might as well make it more explicit.

The qt4 model view system is so different then the qt3 code that I push for 
moving the current code into support.

-Benjamin Meyer

aka icefox
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