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Benjamin Meyer ben at meyerhome.net
Sun Jan 1 14:40:41 GMT 2006

On Saturday 31 December 2005 1:11 am, Olivier Goffart wrote:
> Hello
> I have merged KDialog and KDialogBase into one class.
> The constructor is now mush simpler.
> and i have removed some useless inconstant function.
> Is it ok to commit ?
> I have some questions about stuff in the old KDialogBase that was not very
> well documented, and i don't know what it is used for.
> - showTile /setBackgroundTile / haveBackgroundTile
>    This seems to be to change the background of all the dialog.
>    It is anyway never used (according to lxr.kde.org) , and doesn't look
> very usefull.   Also, the current implementation looks broken because it
> use a QPixmap* and there is problems of dead pointer  (as used in the
> kaboutdialogtest at least).   Also, isn't this against KDE UI Guidelines ?
> I'd like to remove it so i can get ride of kdialogbase_priv.h :-)
> - incInitialSize( const QSize&, bool   noResize = false )
>     If i understand correctly, it is used to grow the dialog a bit.
>     Doesn't that show a flaw in the way size are calculated (the minimum) ?
>     Is it good to allow the make the dialog not resizeable ?
>     (and even if it is, there is still QWidget function to get that eff

A few more thoughts

Could the button mask and guiitems be taken out of the constructor and moved 
into there own functions?  Do they have to be in it?

Probably want to move KDialogQueuePrivate into a kdialog_p.h file

setFolderIcon should take a QIcon

You want to change the int orientation to use the qt enum (i.e. so you can do 

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