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Benjamin Meyer ben at meyerhome.net
Sun Jan 1 14:29:58 GMT 2006

On Saturday 31 December 2005 1:11 am, Olivier Goffart wrote:
> Hello
> I have merged KDialog and KDialogBase into one class.
> The constructor is now mush simpler.
> and i have removed some useless inconstant function.
> Is it ok to commit ?
> I have some questions about stuff in the old KDialogBase that was not very
> well documented, and i don't know what it is used for.
> - showTile /setBackgroundTile / haveBackgroundTile
>    This seems to be to change the background of all the dialog.
>    It is anyway never used (according to lxr.kde.org) , and doesn't look
> very usefull.   Also, the current implementation looks broken because it
> use a QPixmap* and there is problems of dead pointer  (as used in the
> kaboutdialogtest at least).   Also, isn't this against KDE UI Guidelines ?
> I'd like to remove it so i can get ride of kdialogbase_priv.h :-)
> - incInitialSize( const QSize&, bool   noResize = false )
>     If i understand correctly, it is used to grow the dialog a bit.
>     Doesn't that show a flaw in the way size are calculated (the minimum) ?
>     Is it good to allow the make the dialog not resizeable ?
>     (and even if it is, there is still QWidget function to get that effect)

Does it makes sense to have that one deprecated constructor when so much has 

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