[Patch] KDialog / KDialogBase

Olivier Goffart ogoffart at kde.org
Mon Jan 2 12:45:22 GMT 2006

Le Dimanche 1 Janvier 2006 15:29, Benjamin Meyer a écrit :
> Does it makes sense to have that one deprecated constructor when so much
> has changed?

It's just to make things compile in my source tree.

Le Dimanche 1 Janvier 2006 15:40, Benjamin Meyer a écrit :
> A few more thoughts
> Could the button mask and guiitems be taken out of the constructor and
> moved into there own functions?  Do they have to be in it?

they have already they own function.
and what is the problem of having them in the constructor ? it make the code 

> Probably want to move KDialogQueuePrivate into a kdialog_p.h file

I even would like to remove that class.
It is used only for KMessageBox::queuedMessageBox
but it could use show() instead of exec() and the result will be the same

> setFolderIcon should take a QIcon


> You want to change the int orientation to use the qt enum (i.e. so you can
> do Qt::Horizontal)


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