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Fri Feb 17 19:08:28 GMT 2006

On Friday 17 February 2006 14:37, Sébastien Laoût wrote:
> That's good to read there will be facilities to record sound from
> microphone (I think/hope the "Webcam capture" also includes microphone only
> input).

Yes, I already have a class AvCapture that allows selecting one arbitrary 
audio source and one arbitrary video source. This then also tells the backend 
implicitely that the two signals need to be kept in sync later on (whatever 
the program does with it).

> It would be handy for note taking applications to attach recorded 
> audio notes/messages/remembers.
> Will the captured audio be saved to standard format like OGG or MP3, or in
> raw/wav format like KRecord (which is nearly useless if every audio note
> take several Mb)?

Depends on what the backend can/will do. But yes compressed formats will be 
possible. But I don't think writing a multitrack recording tool will be a 
strenght of Phonon. (Perhaps I'm pessimistic, but I think you'd want the full 
power of a mediaframework for such an application - or do it all yourself.)

> And last question, will there be ways to cut such audio note.
> Cut the X first minutes, or the Y last seconds would be sufficient.
> Imagine an audio remember for a shoplist, and we bought the last
> ingredient, cutting the last Y seconds would erase it from the shoplist.

Possible, but I think it's probably better to do that with some other lib. 
With Phonon you'd have to do a playback of the original file to a new file 
and then stop that playback earlier (or seek before it starts). The backend 
could even support to do it as fast as the CPU allows as long as there's no 
playback involved. No high precision, but perhaps good enough... on the other 
hand, if a method "stopAt( int msec )" is added, Phonon could be as good as 
any other lib for that.

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