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Jaroslaw Staniek wrote:
>Thiago Macieira said the following, On 2006-02-12 15:11:
>> Laurent Montel wrote:
>>>(I know that we will keep dcop compatibility kde3 <-> kde4, so it's
>>> not a problem)
>> We will not. KDE3 applications will not talk to KDE4 applications nor
>> vice-versa.
>> At most, we'll provide a gateway for a few well-known calls. The only
>> one that I can remember is "turn the screensaver off".
>Oh, I am quite surprised. I'd be even more surprised if I was distro
> author. Any docs available describing rationale behind this? I am
> sorry, I didn't follow this particulal topic.
>Why to kill compatibility (and predictability) after all these "let's
> make DCOP a selling point for KDE" talks?

It's almost certain that we're switching to D-Bus. DCOP and D-Bus are 
incompatible protocols and the effort necessary to bridge them is much 
greater than the benefits.

Please understand: this means KDE3 and KDE4 applications will not talk to 
each other. It does not mean that either system will stop working or that 
we won't have IPC.

If you find that it is a problem, please give me reasons why a KDE3 
application should talk to a KDE4 application or vice-versa. So far, the 
only two cases I can think of are: turning the screensaver on/off and 
turning the mediamanager on/off (k3b does that, with bad results).

Also bear in mind that DCOP was not designed to be used and abused the way 
it is now. Some interfaces need changing and application authors want to 
break compatibility at some point. KDE4 is the perfect time for that.

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