Jaroslaw Staniek js at iidea.pl
Sun Feb 12 15:28:39 GMT 2006

Thiago Macieira said the following, On 2006-02-12 15:11:
> Laurent Montel wrote:
>>(I know that we will keep dcop compatibility kde3 <-> kde4, so it's not
>>a problem)
> We will not. KDE3 applications will not talk to KDE4 applications nor 
> vice-versa.
> At most, we'll provide a gateway for a few well-known calls. The only one 
> that I can remember is "turn the screensaver off".

Oh, I am quite surprised. I'd be even more surprised if I was distro author. 
Any docs available describing rationale behind this? I am sorry, I didn't 
follow this particulal topic.
Why to kill compatibility (and predictability) after all these "let's make 
DCOP a selling point for KDE" talks?

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