Nicolas Goutte nicolasg at snafu.de
Fri Feb 10 21:57:28 GMT 2006

On Friday 10 February 2006 21:16, Benjamin Meyer wrote:
> On #kde4-devel there was some chatting about the idea of dropping the
> kde3support library.  Anything that is '3support' is not meant as a final
> solution, but only as a porting help (or to avoid porting too much).  The
> main reason for removing it is that the library is something that people
> wont be using for very long, developers probably wont want to work on it,
> is taking up time and resources, it is just another library taking up more
> memory.  kde3support main purpose was to help bootstrap applications into
> kde4 until they fully ported to kde4 (like qt3support).  This means that
> most (all?) developers wont link to kde3support for very long (or at all). 
> Rather then spending time (compile time, support, testing, bug fixing,
> packaging, regressions, i.e. maintaining) these spend the time making sure
> that the docs and porting tools are in better quality.  So far we have just
> been dumping old classes in there so there hasn't been too much work, but
> they aren't exactly being maintained and I doubt people will be at all
> excited about maintining them in the future.  To decide if we want a
> kde3support or not, we really should ask app developers. they're the ones
> who might possibly use it or not.

I had feared that one day such an email would arrive. :-(

I have avoided to send my first subjective answer, so here is a more objective 

I can only tell my position for KBabel: it is far from being a priority not to 
use kde3support. If somebody can remove the dependency, fine, but I do not 
think that we cannot put all the work on Laurent Montel's shoulders, who 
already have made many changes to remove deprecated stuff throughout KDE4.

> So for those who have ported your qt3 apps to Qt4 I inquire as to what you
> did.  Do you still use the support libraries, how long did you use them,
> were they usefull?

Do not forget that the change until now are only for KDE4 modules, and perhaps 
not for all. Do not forget that there is also KOffice, extragears and third 
party applications.

> -Benjamin Meyer

Have a nice day!

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