Support for out of prefix installation

Martijn Klingens klingens at
Wed Feb 8 12:15:29 GMT 2006

On Wednesday 08 February 2006 13:04, Thiago Macieira wrote:
> So an application requesting an icon will find it is in own prefix even if
> it's not registered in KDEDIRS or XDG_DATA_DIRS. This even works for
> libraries looking resources up when the the library's prefix is neither
> registered nor the same as the application's.

I thought that currently only worked for data files and not for dlopened stuff 
like plugins? Or anything that comes from ksycoca like services and service 
types? If this works for all kinds of resources, then apologies for the 

> Maybe we can have a 3rd option: install into ${prefix} and symlink
> into /usr. Some kind of "broken symlink removal" tool should be run every
> now and then to clean up.

Interesting idea. Downside is that it's not portable to e.g. Windows, so it 
poses problems for the build system to work around this somehow on such 
systems. If you know a way to solve it I like the idea in general. :)


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