plugins and kdeinit on Windows ?

Jaroslaw Staniek js at
Fri Feb 3 20:14:34 GMT 2006

Thiago Macieira said the following, On 2006-02-03 09:28:
> Alexander Neundorf wrote:
>>are KDE plugins (kparts, kioslaves,...) and and kdeinit loadable modules
>>(klm) handled under windows the same way as under unix ?
> You've just invented the term "klm", right? :-)
> I don't know how they're handled on Win32, but they have to be DLLs, 
> because they are loaded at runtime. We currently use libltdl to do our 
> module-loading stuff, so it handles the loading of DLLs on Windows for 
> us.
>>IOW is kdeinit actually required under windows or should simple
>>executables be built instead of klm's ?
> I think simple executables are Ok on Win32, given that their executable 
> format is loaded and dynamically linked much faster than on ELF 
> platforms.
> But I'll let the Win32 developers provide hard data.
>>How are the plugins handled ? Are the libtool la files required under
>>windows ? (I guess not)
> I'm not sure. I know the static libraries we use for building do not carry 
> dependency information, but I think the DLLs do.
> So I think we can get rid of the .la files on Win32 too.

.la files are used for kdelibs3/win32. As I am using only qmake + sh there, I 
am getting .la files by simply copying them from my Linux partition, or just 
create them by hand in a few seconds (rare case).

In libldtl, there already was a piece of code that parses DLL's base name, the 
same as on unix. For win32 I am:
-cutting off "lib" prefix
-adding ".dll" suffix for release build, or
-adding "_d.dll" suffix for debug build

so e.g. we have katepart.dll and katepart_d.dll, respectively.

I'd like to get rid of .la (if possible) on win32 too.

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