plugins and kdeinit on Windows ?

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Fri Feb 3 08:28:07 GMT 2006

Alexander Neundorf wrote:
>are KDE plugins (kparts, kioslaves,...) and and kdeinit loadable modules
> (klm) handled under windows the same way as under unix ?

You've just invented the term "klm", right? :-)

I don't know how they're handled on Win32, but they have to be DLLs, 
because they are loaded at runtime. We currently use libltdl to do our 
module-loading stuff, so it handles the loading of DLLs on Windows for 

>IOW is kdeinit actually required under windows or should simple
> executables be built instead of klm's ?

I think simple executables are Ok on Win32, given that their executable 
format is loaded and dynamically linked much faster than on ELF 

But I'll let the Win32 developers provide hard data.

>How are the plugins handled ? Are the libtool la files required under
>windows ? (I guess not)

I'm not sure. I know the static libraries we use for building do not carry 
dependency information, but I think the DLLs do.

So I think we can get rid of the .la files on Win32 too.

>Does these things work the same way with mingw and msvc ?

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