cmake hype?

Christian Ehrlicher Ch.Ehrlicher at
Fri Feb 3 08:14:32 GMT 2006


I currently don't understand the hype about cmake. What's the real
adavantage over scons. It can't be the config files - I can't see a real
difference between CMakeLists.txt and SConscript (the Sconscript files need
some cleanup). I can compile kdelibs with SCons on windows - cmake doesn't
run (yet). The configuration process with cmake is as slow as with SCons. I
can't run cmake.exe from command line

For me it seems to be the only reason why to use cmake is because it's a new
playground but not because it's better than SCons.

I won't blame the cmake team -  I just wonder why we implement all things
with three different build systems...


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