SVN succesful-compilation tag

Marcos Mayorga marcos at
Fri Feb 3 11:16:52 GMT 2006

El Friday, 3 de February de 2006 09:02, Aaron J. Seigo escribió:
> if you are hacking on the application that isn't building, then you *need*
> to be working on the most recent revision of that codebase. elsewise your
> patch may end up not applying well at all once you update to a new tag. so
> tags aren't useful here either.
> just when do you think they would be useful? i don't see the point of this
> =)
well, if my feature consists on adding a eyeview to umbrello, i don't mind 
HEAD is not compiling because of something related toa codegenerator class, 
just i work on a quasi-head snapshot , finish my work, wait head to compile, 
merge and make a patch, 99% wont conflict

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