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Fri Feb 3 08:02:24 GMT 2006

On Friday 03 February 2006 01:46, Marcos Mayorga wrote:
> El Friday, 3 de February de 2006 01:40, Matt Rogers escribió:
> > except that I don't think it's a cool feature, since it would only be
> > useful for those who only want to run the latest up to date kde rather
> > than actually hack on it.
> i'dbe useful for me and i want to hack the latest version, while doing so
> i'd like the code always to compile

this is useful for kdelibs, and is why we have the kdelibs snapshot in 
branches/ that is regularly synced over at known-good points.

for applications, it's not useful at all. just skip the application in 
question during compile or fix it. tags simply allow one to bypass fixing 
things that ought to be fixed (or removed from the build for the time being 
if it's a long term non-compilable breakage); and if you really want to do 
avoid fixing things, you can do that already by removing the offending subdir 
from the Makefile.

if you are hacking on the application that isn't building, then you *need* to 
be working on the most recent revision of that codebase. elsewise your patch 
may end up not applying well at all once you update to a new tag. so tags 
aren't useful here either.

just when do you think they would be useful? i don't see the point of this =)

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