CMake: please update to 2.4.0

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at
Sat Apr 22 21:17:47 BST 2006


currently we require cmake 2.3.4, but a 2.4.0 (which is still a beta) was 
released recently.
You can get it here:

Please update to this version, so we can find any problems with it.
It will be required for compiling kdelibs from trunk in a few days.

Please *don't* use cmake from cvs anymore.

If you have problems compiling, don't update cmake from cvs, but report the 
problem on kde-buildsystem at (or kde-core-devel).

Important note for windows developers: 

first get and install cmake 2.4.0, and after that, replace the then installed 
Windows-cl.cmake (which is slightly broken)  with this one: .
You can find the file on your system in CMake/Modules/Platform/ 

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