Guidance sought for configuration files

Gary Cramblitt garycramblitt at
Sat Apr 22 16:36:16 BST 2006

Hynek Hanke and I are thinking about user configuration for Speech Dispatcher 
(which I plan to use as the backend in KTTS for KDE4).  We are wondering what 
would be the best format for the Speech Dispatcher configuration files.  ATM, 
it uses dotconf.  The requirements include:

1.  Meets both KDE and GNOME "standards".
2.  Easy for users to tweak using editor or command-line.  Terminal-based 
users can modify configuration easily.
3.  Works with both gconf and Kiosk.
4.  Easy to develop GUIs for.  One idea we have is to develop a library that 
reads and writes the config files which can be used in both GNOME and KDE.

There is also some thinking that all the Accessibility Tools should be unified 
under a single configuration interface.  That is probably a bit ambitious.  
Right now, we're focusing on the config file format.

Thoughts and guidance please.

Gary Cramblitt (aka PhantomsDad)
KDE Text-to-Speech Maintainer

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