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Thu Apr 13 13:02:32 BST 2006

On Thursday 13 April 2006 12:36, Stephan Kulow wrote:
> Am Dienstag, 4. April 2006 11:00 schrieb Sebastian Kügler:
> > On Sunday 02 April 2006 19:31, Sebastian Kügler wrote:
> > > - Initiating release preparations by sending a note to kde-promo
> > > - Creating a list of changes: TWG
> > > - Preparation of release notes: MWG, that includes:
> >
> > May I conclude from the lack of objection to this proposal that we'll do
> > releases this way in the future?
> >
> > Or even better: We'll regard this as an appointment if no one from the
> > TWG objects until, say, friday. :-)
> I think it clearly shows that "the TWG" doesn't work as release management
> fallback if Coolo is on vacation. I'm of the direct nature, so I tell you: 
> you can come up with whatever rule you want for reminders. But as a matter
> of fact, I set and document the dates as early as I can - after that I'm as
> likely to forget them as every single person inside the TWG and MWG. So I
> see little point in making up any rules of when I should remind someone
> else. What do you want to do if I miss the timeline? Fire me?

First, I'm glad that *someone* from the TWG finally replied on this topic, and 
the more clear you are, the better.

Problem at hand: The last release was as uncoordinated as it could ever be. 
Symptoms include: no message to kde-announce for days after the news was on 
the dot. No translated press releases available. No single message *for* the 
press. Instead of a bang, we made a fizzle.

So we, as the Marketing Working Group would like to improve that in the 
future. The only way seems to me to _collaboratively_ create a process we can 
try to stick to. Simply put: You (as in TWG) *do* the release, we promote it. 
The problem is that such a release needs a certain amount of preparation, 
creating release notes, passing translated press releases on to journalists 
at the very least. A fair amount of that stuff has in the past been done by 
you. We'd like to help out there so you can concentrate on the technical 
part. What we need to help you there is the information I had drafted, 
preferably in the timeline proposed.

So the whole idea is: Less work for you, more time for us, better releases in 
general because more people are involved and working together in a 
coordinated fashion.

The problem is not forgetting stuff. The proposed timeline is there as an 
orientation for what is helpful, at what point does it make sense to send out 
reminders to who. It's there to answer questions such as "When should we nag 
the TWG to give information about what?" - and to have clear expectations for 
all involved parties.

If any of the requirements we pointed out are impossible, unlikely or just too 
much of a burden to be met, please say so, so we can fix the proposal.

Summing up, we're trying to assist as best as we can, create clearness in 
order to be able to make the release process a well-working routine.
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