Coordination of releases

Stephan Kulow coolo at
Thu Apr 13 13:28:24 BST 2006

Am Donnerstag, 13. April 2006 14:02 schrieb Sebastian K├╝gler:
> First, I'm glad that *someone* from the TWG finally replied on this topic,
> and the more clear you are, the better.
My vacation was nice though ;)

> Problem at hand: The last release was as uncoordinated as it could ever be.
> Symptoms include: no message to kde-announce for days after the news was on
> the dot. No translated press releases available. No single message *for*
> the press. Instead of a bang, we made a fizzle.
Yes, and it's all my fault as I kind of expected others to do the job. I can 
only work as much as I do, but I failed to communicate that I won't be able 
to do it. So I'm all for better defined responsibilities.

> So the whole idea is: Less work for you, more time for us, better releases
> in general because more people are involved and working together in a
> coordinated fashion.
> The problem is not forgetting stuff. The proposed timeline is there as an
> orientation for what is helpful, at what point does it make sense to send
> out reminders to who. It's there to answer questions such as "When should
> we nag the TWG to give information about what?" - and to have clear
> expectations for all involved parties.
From my point of view, we're at a point where we need technical support for 
what we do - someone/something who's only responsibility is that certain 
milestones in the release are met. Originally that job should be the Release
Coordinator, but as long as the Release Coordinator's timeline is already busy
with version updates, preparing source packages, checking l10n compilation, 
reviewing branch commits and remerging for days, it's impossible for me to do 
that _and_ making sure the changelog is written and the announcement is 
translated in time. After all I'm doing most of it in coffee breaks. In the 
past, a lot of that "nag work" was done by Stephan Binner and I kind of got 
used to get nagged :)
So either someone declares responsible to nag me (or take over all of the 
above at once) or we need to define some technical process.

Greetings, Stephan

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