A little review of kdecore & kdeui

David Faure faure at kde.org
Thu Apr 6 18:10:14 BST 2006

I'm sorry but I think everything in your post is wrong :)

On Thursday 06 April 2006 17:06, Grzegorz Jaskiewicz wrote:
> On Thursday 06 April 2006 14:44, Clarence Dang wrote:
> > On Thursday 06 April 2006 21:57, Grzegorz Jaskiewicz wrote:
> > > since when you have to get around LGPL ?
> >
> > Good point, I didn't think of that.  But I suppose TT want maximum
> > flexibility with licensing e.g. perhaps a client would like to statically
> > link their closed source application against Qt - you can't do that with
> > LGPL.  However, I am not a lawyer.
> yes, you cannot link statically LGPL code, it will be 'infected' with GPL.
LGPL can be used in commercial code, see khtml in Safari; you're confusing LGPL and GPL.

> IANAL either. But hey, that's one of the points in getting involved in KDE for 
> TTs. They can use KDEs bits and pieces and their customers can.
TT can't use KDE bits and pieces because Qt is dual-licensed, while KDE code
doesn't have the Qt commercial license.

> Some add one point to the licence - allowing TTs using the code with 
> proprietary software (as far as I remember some stuff in PIM does).
That's completely different, the license in kdepim says "in case you had a
doubt, yes, you can link this code to any version of Qt". This has
nothing to do with KDE code going into Qt.
Which was never the idea anyway.

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