image viewers: a different approach

Benjamin Meyer ben at
Sun Oct 30 21:29:55 GMT 2005

On Sunday 30 October 2005 5:07 am, Anders Lund wrote:
> I don't understand the reason for this part of the discussion.
> If you get an image in a email, it's an attachment, and kmail shows it
> inline or as an icon within KHTML, and you can open it in a seperate
> viewer/app by clicking it.
> That external app coudl of course be konqueror you configure your file
> associations that way.
> Same goes for knode. Images on binary newsgroups are just attachments, so
> knode uses KHTML to show the optional text in the message.
> Let's concentrate on wether it would be a good idea to add gwenview to
> kdegraphics and get rid of the abandoned kuickshow and disfunctional kview
> applications, and also make konqueror with gwenview parts the default image
> viewer.
> -anders

I would be for getting rid of the old apps and adding the gwenview part.  As 
for gwenview the application in its current form^1 I would say we don't want 
it, but rather want digikam or Kimdaba.

-Benjamin Meyer

1) gwenview  the app can of course be improved as a full image organizer and 
take the official KDE spot, just not in the current form.

aka icefox
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