image viewers: a different approach

Anders Lund anders at
Sun Oct 30 10:07:14 GMT 2005

I don't understand the reason for this part of the discussion.

If you get an image in a email, it's an attachment, and kmail shows it inline 
or as an icon within KHTML, and you can open it in a seperate viewer/app by 
clicking it.

That external app coudl of course be konqueror you configure your file 
associations that way.

Same goes for knode. Images on binary newsgroups are just attachments, so 
knode uses KHTML to show the optional text in the message.

Let's concentrate on wether it would be a good idea to add gwenview to 
kdegraphics and get rid of the abandoned kuickshow and disfunctional kview 
applications, and also make konqueror with gwenview parts the default image 

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