image viewers: a different approach

Anders Lund anders at
Sun Oct 30 19:50:07 GMT 2005

On Sunday 30 October 2005 22:29, Benjamin Meyer wrote:
> I would be for getting rid of the old apps and adding the gwenview part.
>  As for gwenview the application in its current form^1 I would say we don't
> want it, but rather want digikam or Kimdaba.

Both digikam and kimdaba have a monolithic view of the world: they want you to 
define exactly one folder that they will help you organize. And to support 
that browsing, they create databases with metadata. So they are not really up 
for the task of browsing various directories. 

Gwenview is, although you could say that with the gwenview parts, konqueror 
will do that fine.

Personally i find kimdaba cool but probably too odd for average users to 
understand. And digikams viewer/editor is probably my most used image 
application on my PC at the moment, apart from konqueror which i use as a 
viewer - with gwenview parts. So between those two I'd pick digikam.


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