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On Friday 07 October 2005 08:44, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> On Thursday 06 October 2005 15:28, Benjamin Meyer wrote:
> > What do people think of kpersonalizer?  Do you think it has value?  I
> > just ran it am having a hard time justifying its existence.  If the real
> > problem is that these setting are hard to change in KControl then that is
> > what should be fixed, not adding this.
> i think the idea is nice, the implementation a bit too "in your face". it
> allows one to quickly select the general feel of the desktop without
> tweaking too many things, and that's a nice thing. it also lets one do this
> the first time they jump into kde which is also handy. it would be nice to
> see a less complex and more calm approach to the same goal.

I thought about having it as part of the ktip experience.
KPersonalizer is a first-login-only tool, sometimes people ask how to get it 
back, especially those that are not happy with the choices they made the 
first time.

KTip will show up unless it is told to stop doing that.

Having two programs behaving like this is a no-go.

Perhaps it would work to have KTip start with a series of tips that contain 
the topics KPersonalizer would cover and have a link in the text or a special 
button enabled that takes the user to that part of kcontrol.

This allows a user to
- step through the basic configuration options on first startup
- do it again later
- get rid of it if it annoys them
- learn where a setting is located in kcontrol


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