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Fri Oct 7 07:16:57 BST 2005

Thursday 06 October 2005 23:28 skrev Benjamin Meyer:
> What do people think of kpersonalizer?  Do you think it has value?  I just
> ran it am having a hard time justifying its existence.  If the real problem
> is that these setting are hard to change in KControl then that is what
> should be fixed, not adding this.
> Riddell told me that in kubuntu has neither kpersonalizer nor ktip and the
> only complaint I get is that people want to change to double click as
> default
> Basic question: Does kpersonalizer add any value?  Can I delete it?

  It functions as a first introduction to the configurability of KDE, i.e. 
style and windeco and the performance options (which is one thing that i use 
myself at least, when installing KDE on slower machines). So yes, it has 
value :)

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