[PATCH] class KAction : public QAction

Olivier Goffart ogoffart at kde.org
Sun Nov 20 12:42:25 GMT 2005

Le Dimanche 20 Novembre 2005 06:49, Hamish Rodda a écrit :
> Hi,
> Here's my first compiling + partially working patch which refactors KAction
> to be a subclass of QAction.  See the thread "The future of KAction" for
> the reasons why I've done this. Also of note in this patch are that
> KToolBar is ported to QToolBar, and KMainWindow ported to QMainWindow.

I've just looked at KSelectAction

> KSelectAction
> * Enhanced with QAction based api
> * compatibility index based api (mark as deprecated? KDE3_SUPPORT?)
> * For now, can create popup menus or a combo box; popup menu can be
> delayed, etc.
> KListAction
> * Removed - as per comments, does not add anything to KSelectAction

* does a delayed popup button make sens by default ?  There is nothing to be 
executed by default.

* In Kopete I often need something like a KSelectAction, but not with a 
QActionGroup.   (it's used in MoveToGroup action, and  for setting the status 
message)   I workaround that by always calling  setSelected(-1) after each 
call.   It would be nice if it should not be required anymore.

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