[PATCH] class KAction : public QAction

Adam Treat treat at kde.org
Sun Nov 20 16:05:31 GMT 2005

WOW Hell of a lot of work.  Thanks for taking this on Hamish.

On Sunday 20 November 2005 12:49 am, Hamish Rodda wrote:
> QMainWindow
> * KMainWindow used to save the state of the toolbars itself; this
> information is not fully available now.  The trouble with using saveState()
> is that we need to be able to save part of the state, e.g. just the
> toolbars, dock widgets etc. belonging to one KPart. I can't see KDE using
> saveState() as it is now.
> * need to be able to get a list of toolbars actually added (vs. just
> children of the mainwindow)
> * ditto for dock widgets
> * need to be able to get a list of toolbar breaks
> * a side effect of not being able to find out which toolbars are added: you
>   can't find out the area of a toolbar without assert, if you don't know if
>   it's inserted or not

I'll pipe up here and concur about the utility ( or lack thereof ) of 
saveState() as it currently exists.  Same for the actual list of 
toolbars/dockwindows.  I'm working on a KDockManager class that provides 
IDEAL like functionality for any QMainWindow subclass.  These methods sure 
would help.

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