[PATCH] class KAction : public QAction

Hamish Rodda rodda at kde.org
Sun Nov 20 05:49:48 GMT 2005


Here's my first compiling + partially working patch which refactors KAction to 
be a subclass of QAction.  See the thread "The future of KAction" for the 
reasons why I've done this. Also of note in this patch are that KToolBar is 
ported to QToolBar, and KMainWindow ported to QMainWindow.

The patch is not intended for committing in its current state - there are many 
issues which need to be worked out.

Note that this does not look at the other proposal of replacing the XML part 

You can find the (large) patch (against kdelibs head) at:

The current issues I'm facing, mostly by class:

* Should a branch of kdelibs be created with this patch for those who would 
like to help? (is there anyone interested in helping with the hacking ;)

* who is the best person to ask at Trolltech about the issues below? (should I
  just send the list to qt-bugs?)

Issues for Trolltech (my "Trolltech shopping list" :)
Needed (no workaround available without large hacks):
* add reason for activation (ToolBar, MenuBar, Menu, Emulated etc)
* need a way to determine which widget(s) the action is plugged into
  * const QList<QWidget*> QAction::addedWidgets() const; (protected is ok)
  * needed for: unplugging without deleting, compatibility with previously
    provided KAction methods

Would be nice to have (can be worked around):
* new triggered signal with keyboard and mouse modifiers
* signal enabled(bool enabled)
  * reasonable enough I think :)
* protected method setChanged() which calls QActionPrivate::sendDataChanged()
  * needed as KAction adds more properties which would warrant a
    ActionChanged signals being sent
  * could be worked around if we have the addedWidgets() call

* addSepararator() missing insertSeparator() pair as per usual api

QToolBar / QToolButton
* need to be able to get the widget(s) implementing each action
  * const QList<QWidget*> widgetsForAction(QAction*) const;

* KMainWindow used to save the state of the toolbars itself; this information
  is not fully available now.  The trouble with using saveState() is that we
  need to be able to save part of the state, e.g. just the toolbars, dock
  widgets etc. belonging to one KPart. I can't see KDE using saveState() as it
  is now.
* need to be able to get a list of toolbars actually added (vs. just children
  of the mainwindow)
* ditto for dock widgets
* need to be able to get a list of toolbar breaks
* a side effect of not being able to find out which toolbars are added: you
  can't find out the area of a toolbar without assert, if you don't know if
  it's inserted or not

* QMenu constructor allowing for the menuAction() to be supplied (so it can be
  a KMenu)

General (more looking at the future of KAccel)
* Is conversion between X11 and qt key codes available?
* Does Qt support all x11 keycodes?  Are any new codes supported with each
  release (ie does KDE really need to be worrying about platform-native key

Issues for KDE:
Removed Classes (not required)
* KToolBarButton - all done by QToolButton now
* KToolBarRadioGroup - all done by QToolButton now

KAction Port
* Inherits from QAction
* Exclusivity between several options now handled by QActionGroup
* KShortcuts supported by shortcut/setShortcut (hides QAction's 
* KDE Icon name supported by setIconName which in turn loads the requested 
* Constructors refactored to match Qt more closely (does this look right?)

* Plugged Container list not available (isPlugged(), unplugAll(), container()) 
[Qt dependency]
* KAccel usage - hopefully KAccel not needed anymore (just have to sort out 
issue with KActionCollection
* need to check use of indexes to insert actions (add compatibility function?)

KAction Subclasses
* setExclusiveGroup removed -use a QActionGroup instead

* Removed, use QAction::setCheckable() and QAction::setActionGroup() instead
  * bring back for compatability or convenience? (but exists already as 

* Enhanced with QAction based api
* compatibility index based api (mark as deprecated? KDE3_SUPPORT?)
* For now, can create popup menus or a combo box; popup menu can be delayed, 

* Removed - as per comments, does not add anything to KSelectAction

KRecentFilesAction, KFont*Action, KToggleFullScreenAction, KPasteTextAction
* Ported

KActionMenu, KToolBarPopupAction
* now performed by KSelectAction
* remove?

KWidgetAction Todo:
* needs several standard features:
  * resize widget
  * clear widget

* accel stuff removed (see below)
* removed setWidget() - to be replaced? (depends on if KAccel is still needed 
or not)
* autoConnectShortcuts removed - irrelevant
* lots of de-virtualisation of methods
* highlightingEnabled - removed, now on by default (as per / to be controlled 
by style)
* widgetCount() removed - reinstate when KAction knows the bound widgets? (is 
it even needed?)

* Really need to figure out whether it's needed or not.
  * does qt support plugging actions as shortcuts into any widget?
  * will qt support multiple shortcuts?
  * read old documentation in KAction

* begin/end xml plug needed?

KToolBar Port
* most methods removed - not needed in the new way of doing things
* can't get the widget corresponding to an action [Qt dependency]
* flat mode cannot be implemented
  * is it even needed?
* floating mode cannot be implemented directly
  * workaround - create a new class KToolDock and transfer actions over when 
we want to float it
* transparent moves not relevant with KToolBar (or a style issue anyway)
* saving and restoring of state not fully possible with current Qt api [Qt 

KToolBar Todo:
* custom widgets not yet used
* multiple shortcuts not implemented
* crash when trying to add toolbar to non-qmainwindow
* Context menu only available over areas which don't have an action

KMainWindow port
* save/load support incomplete [Qt dependency]

KToolBarLabelAction Todo:
* buddy using QAction instead of QWidget

KDE 3 Support
* KDE 3 support insert* methods needed

* Removed from compile - significant effort would be required to port it to 

General TODO
* virtual function review

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