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Thu Nov 17 00:40:39 GMT 2005

On Nov 8, 2005, at 8:02 PM, Michael Pyne wrote:

> On Tuesday 08 November 2005 06:04, Jonas Christian Drewsen wrote:
>> I think KDE could get rid of lot of bloat by:
>> 1) Strip Control Center and other setting dialogs to the most  
>> common stuff.
>> 2) Create a new app called e.g. KTweakGui or something that can be  
>> used for
>> all the special things like text shadows, cursor settings etc.
>> This way KDE will be easy for new users and for common operations.  
>> At the
>> same time, many things that can only be tweaked by altering  
>> settings files
>> in .kde/ today, would have a nice GUI too.
> I like this idea as well.  Scott and I struggle with JuK in trying  
> to add
> features without having to add a "Configure JuK" dialog.  So far  
> we're still
> winning but it would be nice in general I think to have the  
> configure dialogs
> of the major KDE applications have the necessary options and then  
> have a
> KTweakUI for advanced uses.

This sounds a lot like GNOME's approach with the gconftool front end  
that I absolutely loathe with every bone in my body.  =:/

Also, is there any indication whatsoever that if the KDE community  
were to commit to and execute such a huge undertaking as this that  
the American distros (Red Hat, Novell, Sun, etc.) would think twice  
about going back to using KDE?  Or am I missing the point of the  
discussion?  It sounded like this discussion was in response to the  
decision of yet another American distribution to not use KDE?

I still have a really hard time believing the statement that these  
distros are making the decision to not use KDE because of the  
complexity of its application configurations.  Could improvements be  
made?  Sure, absolutely.  But I see just as much need for improvement  
with GNOME.  It sure seems like there's another reason that's not  
being truthfully told....


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