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On Wednesday 09 November 2005 14:27, Robert Knight wrote:

> Back to the main topic, I like the idea of simplifying Konqueror to
> make it easier for everyone to use, but before we do that, I think
> some proper research needs to be conducted into how people actually
> use the program at the moment - in other words, some sort of
> functionality within Konqueror to record how people use it (menu
> selections made etc.)  In fact, I think this would be useful within
> KDE as a whole.  (Optional of course, with easy access to see the data
> that the program has recorded)

It may be useful, but the collected data would be quite hard to analyze.
For example, in this kmail window, I see eight icons. Three of those, I'm sure 
I will never hit (the cut-copy and paste icons); I rarely use the "send" 
icon, since most of the time I use just shift+return. I may have used the 
"send later" icon, when I was on dial up, and I use the attach, sign and 
encrypt icons when I find I need the features.

From my own usage pattern, I could just have - of these three icons - just the 
attach, sign and encrypt icons, just because these are actions I happen to 
use, but I have not yet bothered to learn the keyboard equivalent.

This does not mean I do not cut copy or paste, or that I do not send out 
letters, just that I use other means to achieve the same result. So how do we 
decide which icons have to stay in this case? 

The other problem is that you are likely to obtain skewed statistics, from a 
group of advanced users anyway - those that send back the monitoring data.


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