non-technical problem [Re: Qt->glib main event loop patch (common main loop)]

nf2 nf2 at
Wed Nov 16 14:31:22 GMT 2005

Matthias Ettrich wrote:

>There's a bigger problem, and it's not technical. Glib is LGPL, which means we 
>can't make Qt/X11 depend on it :-/  I can support it as a compile time 
>option, but not as default. This kind of defeats the purpose of bringing us 
>closer to a more integrated free desktop on GNU/Linux.
That's interesting. I thought LGPL (in contradiction to GPL) permits any 
kind of license for software "using" a LGPLed library - even commercial 
closed source licenses.

I think a compile time option would suffice (like the -glibmainloop 
./configure switch in my Qt-3.3 patch). KDE requires a certain 
configuration of Qt anyway...

>A little fd.o event loop library written in C would be perfect (and a patched 
>Glib that uses it).  It can be modelled closely after the Glib event loop 
>model, like D-Bus was modelled after the DCOP model. Maybe it's also possible 
>to extract the code from Glib and relicense it (depends on who owns the 
>copyright)? Anyone up to the challenge?
Perhaps this issue should be discussed with the people on the gtk-list.


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