Qt->glib main event loop patch (common main loop)

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at kde.org
Mon Nov 14 21:35:19 GMT 2005

On Sunday 13 November 2005 20:36, David Johnson wrote:
> On Sunday 13 November 2005 12:48 pm, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> > > That's because we have all this inconvenient freedom and choice
> > > getting in the way.
> >
> > there needs to be a ballance struck, however.
> There is no reason to compromise on freedom.

as long as we don't confuse "freedom" for "a lack of direction is OK". 
unfortunately, that's exactly where it has currently led us (and not just 
KDE). we have in the past used "freedom" as a friendly word that is hard for 
people to argue against (who wants to be anti-freedom?) when what we really 
mean is "we are inable to make decisions" or "it's ok not to serve our user's 
needs because at least this way we aren't making any demands whatsover on any 
system outside of KDE".

we offer, and will continue to offer, lots on the freedom front. and if we 
want to continue making this whole "free software desktop" a viable concept, 
we will need to at some point start saying things like "no, a 5 year old X 
server is not good enough" or "yes, you DO need kernel hooks to let us know 
when things are plugged into the machine" or "no, it isn't ok to have N event 
loop implementations because that's just stupid" or "here's a way to get your 
app to use our file dialog (and vice versa) and everyone should use it"

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